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Lauren Hays with her helper dogs

Lauren Hays, M.S., C.A.A.B.

Certified Animal Behaviorist


Does this describe your dog?

  • Destruction of furniture/doors/objects while you are away?
  • Whining or barking when you leave?
  • Growling or snapping when you reach for the food bowl, a bone, or a stolen object?
  • Unfriendliness to strangers in public or in the house?
  • Hyperactivity, jumping, or nipping when people enter your home?
  • Aggressive behavior toward people?
  • Aggressive behavior toward other dogs?
  • Any other problematic behavior?
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Even good dogs can develop bad habits. 

Even a well-trained dog can be problematic.

Customized behavior modification can be the solution.

Austin Canine Consulting provides specific treatment programs based on each client's individual needs.  No more "cookie-cutter" training advice, no more frustrating class schedules.

With Austin Canine Consulting, now you can have a certified behaviorist work one on one with you, on your schedule, in your home, anywhere in the greater Austin area.

Treating the cause, not just the symptoms, is the key to true results.

Start renewing the relationship with your best friend today.

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