If you’re ready to improve a behavior problem with your dog, so are we.


Our Mission

Austin Canine Consulting was founded in 2004 with the goal of improving every canine/human bond under its care. We use techniques backed by scientific data, and we carefully consider every angle of a behavior problem. We are dedicated to keeping people safe and dogs in their homes, while maintaining a high quality of life for all. We are privileged to work with the very best dog owners in Austin, TX; the dog owners that care enough to seek professional expertise.

I could simply not believe the change in our lives since working with Lauren. We have restored peace in our home at last, and we did it the right way. We thought life with Bella would always be hard, but now we understand how good it can be!
— Lisa K., Cedar Park


  • Completed Bachelor’s of Science at Texas A&M in 2002 in Animal Science

  • Completed Master’s of Science at Texas A&M in 2004 in Applied Animal Ethology

  • Published Master’s Thesis titled: The Effects of Standardized Obedience Training on Approachability and Problem Behaviors in Dogs from Rescue Shelters, August 2004

  • Completed 10 years of certification as an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist under the Animal Behavior Society

  • Mentored by a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist under the Animal Behavior Society

  • Training personal dogs for multiple AKC competitive disciplines for 28 years, and accomplishing titles for each dog

  • Competing at the National Championship level of AKC Field Trial competitions for over 6 years

  • Providing seminars and education for veterinary clinics, the Texas Department of Public Safety, numerous breed clubs, rescue organizations, shelters, and humane societies